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[I]t isn’t illegal to be a stupid bastard. Maybe it should be—but that would be terribly impractical. Imagine if there were an uprising against the new law? All the stupid bastards on one side, the rest of us on the other. That’s not a fight we can win. They’d be too stupid to understand the rules or too bastardy to follow them. We’d be halfway through saying: ‘OK, reach for your pistols on the count of…’ and they’d already have jabbed us in both eyes with a pencil. So, we have to allow people to be stupid bastards and hope the human race keeps evolving.

British author and poker star Victoria Coren, on how a UK court threatened free speech by jailing a Twitter user for his racist comments. 

So what did the troll actually say? | Victoria Coren | Comment is free | The Observer

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